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Welcome to the nature reserve of Holtingerveld

You are not the first person to visit this area. People have been roaming around this ancient landscape of Holtingerveld for thousands of years. At first people came here to look for food, later they kept cattle here. In the present time, we simply value the Holtingerveld as a special nature reserve with a unique history that allows you to flee the modern world for a while. In the meantime, the area is home to many special plants and animal species. That is why the Holtingerveld has been included in the European network of important nature reserves, Natura 2000.

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Visitor information

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Holtingerveld entrance

The right place to start exploring the area is the entrance of the Holtingerveld. You will find this entrance at the Van Helomaweg 14, North of Havelte. Here you will not only find plenty of parking space, but also a playground for children, a boulder garden and a sheepfold of the Holtinge flock. A restaurant and an information room are scheduled to be completed here in 2017 (we’re waiting on a decision from the municipal council in September 2016). The park also houses the butterfly paradise of Papiliorama (entrance fee). Several walking and cycling routes depart from the entrance into the park. Some of these routes will for instance take you to the dolmens at the base of the Havelterberg.

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