Unlike 150 years ago, there is a lot of woodland in the Holtingerveld. Especially in the Eastern part of the area the pine forests are the dominant element in the landscape. The es of Uffelte is surrounded by a beautiful circle of deciduous forest. Interesting species of plants and animals can be found here too, such as the Arctic Starflower. This delicate plant with its white flowers blooms in deciduous forests, in May. The Arctic Starflower grows on somewhat poorer soil than for instance the wood anemone. These poorer, sandier forest soils are furthermore covered with wavy Hair-grass, the climbing corydalis and honeysuckles, with some May lily and Solomon’s seal here and there.

The forests are the habitat of woodpeckers and many species of songbirds. The Golden Oriole for instance is pretty common around Havelte. Birds of prey can be spotted regularly in Holtingerveld. The Hobby and the Pern breed in these forests, but they forage mostly outside the forest. The forest also offers a good hiding place for deer, the polecat, the weasel and the ermine during daytime.